Working VB.NET MOGRE project.


29-10-2008 23:33:35

After a couple of confusing and somewhat frustrating weeks trying to get MOGRE to compile and run inside of VB.NET, I've come up dry. I've tried converting demos from the wiki, I've tried mimicking source code posted by other users, and I've tried following the setup guides step by step. I always seem to run into problems compiling, or when MOGRE tries to initialize.

If you would be willing to lend me a hand, all I really need is a blank VB.NET project with MOGRE running an empty render loop. Once I can get MOGRE to compile and run successfully, I'm sure I can work with it: it appears to be a very clean and easy to use framework, once it's working.

If anyone would be so kind as to help, I would really appreciate a zipped up project directory with a functional MOGRE project in VB.NET (VS2005 or VS2008). I'd be glad to Paypal you a small tip for your troubles!

Feel free to respond here, or shoot me an e-mail at

Thank you very much in advance for your help! I'm eager to get to work, I just can't seem to get off the ground.


30-10-2008 15:35:49

Hi fex.
i sent you the code i had earlier.
please post here if it all work OK.


30-10-2008 18:15:47

I never compiled, just used the MogreSDK libraries.

This wiki page could help (if you didn't know this one): ... rom_source