Missing Mogre.Math methods ?!


04-11-2008 09:14:28

Am I just blind or where do I find the following math methods like :

Clamp, Min, Max ....

nothing there in Mogre.Math

sorry for that question ;-)



04-11-2008 20:08:22

Mogre is a Graphics Rendering Library.

It doesn't contain a full Math library, only some helpful math functions.

If you need more, use System.Math, or make your own functions.


05-11-2008 17:12:22

but math is the base of all 3D calculations and min/max is something elementary and often used I think, like clamp... but anyway, I just asked, because I wondered that these functions are part of Ogre in C++ but not of Mogre...

so what, its just a line code (for clamp)... ;) just wanted to know if they are there already, because I didn't found them :)