MogreNewt documentation


19-11-2008 22:28:19

Does MogreNewt or Mogre have proper documentation, which would list all the classes and their members. I am currently trying make sense of the ContactCallback-class but it is pretty hard just to guess what the members of that class do.


19-11-2008 22:40:06

Check this out:

You could have a look at the source code or the Newton Docs for more info.


19-11-2008 23:11:06

looking at the source of it would help, also you can use the OGRE documentation. It's ugly, but it works.


12-12-2008 11:04:07

Here I collected some information about collision detection with Newton: ... ith_Newton

A documentation for the internal functions is here:
It's not the same like in Ogre, but still useful for learning how Newton works.

Uncomfortabe: the Mogre classes are different to the Ogre classes. So it's more difficult to port Ogre example code.
For the ray classes I made an overview (by screenshots):
Does somebody know a tool that can create an overview of all members of a dll library (including data types)? Or maybe there are .NET classes for collecting them?

Newton 2.0 is in work and the developer said it will be ready next time. It has nice improvements for collision detection.
I got a beta version and it works well. The new API is ready. Now there only remains stability tests (if I understood right). A documentation should be included at publishing.
I will tell it in the forum, when Newton 2.0 is ready. If you want to know, just enable the watch option at this thread.


12-12-2008 15:40:18

Can you use .Net reflector?


12-12-2008 16:33:44

Thanks for the tip :)
The .NET Reflector works well (and for free). It looks similar to the Visual Studio Object Browser.

You get an overview and also see the result datatype (behind the member names).
Sadly I can't copy&paste it to the wiki.

Oh, there are interesting Add-ins for the Reflector :D