control focus[SOLVED]


03-12-2008 20:58:07

I'm creating a mesh viewer (which I hope to expand into also a mesh painter)

I have a listbox and a combobox and my problem is that while I'm clicking on them, the Ogre window is still capturing my input. Also, while I'm using my scrollwheel, my controls are still capturing it. Neither seem to really care where the focus is...on my panel, or on my other controls (I'm using a splitcontainer to separate them).

Any insights on this?

Focus was actually working, but it wouldn't change automatically. I manually set focus in the WinForm "OnMouseEnter", "OnMouseLeave" events of my panel to avoid my controls in a different panel from scrolling. MOIS doesn't detect focus so I also added a bool "isMouseInRenderPanel" and set it to true "OnMouseEnter" and false "OnMouseLeave". I check the bool before my keyboard/mouse eventhandlers handle any input "if( isMouseInRenderPanel ) {...}"