path to SVN for Mogre 1.6?


07-01-2009 10:19:36

I am trying to check out the latest Mogre 1.6 code from SVN, in order to have a look and see if and how I can contribute to the effort.
Unfortunately I could not get the SVN trunk from ... unk/Mogre/
I get the following message:
Repository moved temporarily to '/viewvc/mogre/trunk/'; please relocate

Am I going to the wrong path?

Anyways now I am working with the .tar file, but it's not a good practice.

Another small issue is that the solution file for VS2008 (Mogre_vc9.sln) is not up-to-date, so I had to convert the VS2005 solution file,
but this is a really minor issue.


07-01-2009 10:42:33

You have to use this path:


07-01-2009 11:35:37

cool. thanks.
can you please update the wiki, as my login doesn't seem to be working there...


20-01-2009 14:23:34

Nice that you want to update the path in the wiki (-:

Maybe you have to register to the main forum to login to the wiki?