How to animate bones


12-01-2009 17:36:10


Firs happy new year all.

Second : I have about 178 different annimation for a character but I have a lot of difficulties to fire my didderent animation as needed (music synchronisation) so, I want to try to animate into ogre directly, for now all my different anims are done with max. So, I found no examples of how to animate by keyframe in ogre. Can anybody guive me a clue?


21-01-2009 04:29:31


I'm sure there are tutorials over on the wiki - specifically intermediate tutorial 2.

Basically you'd play around with the animaion tracks, animation, animationstate group of classes.


21-01-2009 15:23:35


Thanks for answering. I look at tutorail an Advanced tutorial 2 is about rayscenquery and basic mous picking, not about skeleton animation...There is nothing in tutorial about that, I found only rhe robot animation that is playing with an "already do" animaion (like I do myself)