Winforms CLR can't create Ogre::Root


16-01-2009 03:18:25

Hello all

I am working on a project that will be using CLR and Winforms. I've been trying to simply create the Ogre::Root object, and everytime I do I get either a System::AccessViolationException or a System::Runtime::InteropServices::SEHException. All I'm doing is simply this:

m_pRoot = new Ogre::Root("", "");

but it will not work. I then took a look at MOgre and saw that it did exactly the same thing as I did. Before anyone asks, it has to be C++/CLR with Winforms. I would appreciate any help with this


21-01-2009 04:24:04

hey, i just posted a similar problem like this - have you made it work?

It used to work on my debug build but all of the sudden i get that strange assert error.

I don't have that error on a release build.


21-01-2009 04:27:30


I saw the problem, you need to use a debug build of MOgre when you are making a debug build - release build of Mogre when you're doing a release build.

Hope that helps.