Weird OpenGL Textures


19-01-2009 18:47:51


I'm building an app that has to run in openGL. Recently, I had a problem with the hard drive on my computer and had to reinstall windows. Gotta love recent backups. :D

Before my computer went crazy, I could use Mogre fine. Now, I can only seem to make the D3D render subsystem work. The opengl subsystem gives me some really weird texture effects:

The code is the bog standard code from Basic Tutorial 6. Everything runs fine until I change to the OpenGL subsystem.

I assume that I have forgotten to set something when I reinstalled everything, but damned if I know what that something is.

It could be something to do with my graphics card - I know that OpenGL and rectangular textures don't play well with on board graphics. I have a Radeon HD 2600 XT, with the most recent drivers from the ATI site.


19-01-2009 18:51:53

I assume this happens with native Ogre too and is not specific to Mogre ?
You may have better luck in finding an answer if you post in the main forums.


19-01-2009 19:08:28

I read the sticky saying "Read this first" after I posted this. :oops: I found a post on the main forum saying that some ATI cards have problems (it was an older post and not directly related to my problem). I downgraded my driver to the one from when I first installed windows on this machine and the textures work.

So I guess my problem is solved. Should I bother to post something on the main forum to warn other people? Any recommendations as to where?