01-02-2009 02:45:17

Hi everyone,

Im trying to make a 2d game because i am learning how to program games. My friend uses Mogre and told me you can use overlays for a 2d game. I cant find a tutorial or any information at all about overlays. How do you create them and how do you use them? Any help would be appreciated! Also.. I was doing tutorial 0 on Mogre, and when i compile it, it compiles fine but it gives me an error about rendersystem d9 on line 80, but if i move the .exe file to the bin/release of the mogre install it runs fine, is that normal? thank you


18-02-2009 13:49:08


there are some informations in the wiki, Main forum and maybe Mogre forum.

Here are related wiki pages:
http://www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/Sp ... rlay&go=Go

Maybe this pages also helps you:

To make an Ogre game only using overlays is no good way.
Ogre is for 3D applications. You also can create 2D or 2.5D games with it, but for this special case maybe a 2D game framework is better. I read about a nice one, but this is long time ago and I forgot the name :?

There are nice background informations about the 2.5D game Tibor: