vb2008 GetAnimation name


06-03-2009 05:05:32

Hi all :

-- vb2008 --
dim entname as string
dim i as ushort
dim skel as SkeletonPtr
skel = SkeletonManager.Singleton.Load("jaiqua.skeleton", ResourceGroupManager.DEFAULT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME)
i = skel.NumAnimations()
entname = skel.GetAnimation(i).getname() 'Run failed

can i how do ?


06-03-2009 12:16:12

i = skel.NumAnimations
entname = skel.GetAnimation(i).Name

But the problem is: it will not work, because NumAnimations will return the total number of animations, which is to high for GetAnimation.
'i' has to be >= 0 and < NumAnimations.

What are you trying to do exactly?


06-03-2009 13:54:26

it no work

mogre no skel.GetAnimation(i).(get)Name

can not work