Anoying errors


14-03-2009 18:20:39

At first let me excuse for my bad English.

I am new to Mogre and was trying to get through tutorials from wiki . Well i had problems with configuration but after all my black screen Mogre window lunched.
Well but thats end, when i copied code from tutorial 1 into my Visula Studio 2008 the first error appeard : cannot load 'Mogre.OgreException' from 'mogre, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. type. I deleted try{} catch{} code and thats helpped but it shouldn't be that way. After next lunch i got exeption : cannot find method 'Mogre.SceneManager MogreFramework.OgreWindow.get_SceneManager()'. With that exeption i cannot handle , I think that is fault of either Mogre.dll or MogreFramework.dll , but I cannot find anywhere working.

Any idea ?
Thank you for answering.