creating hair


05-04-2009 08:20:42

hello, im a newby here at the Mogre...i just wanna know how to create hair in Mogre? thank you for your time...
i cant find any tutorials about this topic...please help me.. :(


05-04-2009 22:10:41

I'm not the most experienced MOGRE user, but I will tell you my thoughts.
I can suggest you take a look at character animation, as (I assume) you are talking about moving hair?
The most basic thing to do would be to make a character have different poses, with the hair moving differently depending on the current pose or character state.
This will work to get moving hair, but it will be "static" - it will not be affected by its environment (e.g. wind) and will be fixed on the animation you make for it.
For "dynamic" moving hair (its environment has an effect on it), things get complex. This is where you move out of basic OGRE/MOGRE usage and step into physics engines.
Im not clued up with them too much, but they have things such as cloth simulation, and fluid dynamics, which can be used to replicate hair i'm sure (not fluid dynamics of course!).
As far as I know PhysX has the best support for this kind of stuff (correct me if i'm wrong!) and I dont know how Newton copes. Regardless, these kind of physics calculations can be very CPU intensive!
I suggest you take a look at the more basic approach first, as you are new to MOGRE this would certainly be a wise stepping stone to make, rather than jump into the deep end with advanced physics stuff.
As for tutorials, just browse the forums, check the wiki, and google. Don't feel that the tutorials have to be specifically for MOGRE, if you know a little C++ you can generally convert code from OGRE to the MOGRE etc., as they use the same naming conventions for each.

Possible search terms to use:
  1. Character Animation[/*]
  2. Cloth Simulation[/*]
    I hope this has helped somewhat in your goal :)
    - J250


06-04-2009 14:03:51

wow!!O.O... thanks a lot~~~never thought that there are a lot behind hair stuff...haha XD
i think i must start browsing the tutorials..^^ thank you thank you~~~
thank you also for your time to reply at my question...:) really appreciate it a lot~~T.T huhu...touchy~