Mogre Animation-MOgre VB.NET Intermediate Tutorial 1


08-04-2009 15:20:23

Hello all.
I have been following the tutorials from the wiki of Mogre. I found Mogre to be an exellent Eninge. But i do require help, in the first intermediat tutorial, i got it to work, but am having trouble with the expert question at the "Exercises for Further Study " section. It says: "Another major limitation of this class is that it only tracks one object. Reimplement this class so that it can move and animate any number of objects independently of each other. (Hint, you should create another class that contains everything that needs to be known to animate one object completely. Store this in a STL map object so that you can retrieve data later based on a key.) You get bonus points if you can do this without registering any additional frame listeners." I been trying to follow what it says, but just can't do it :x . Would Anyone like to help out? And what does it mean by " STL map object". Here is the link for the tutorial


09-04-2009 11:07:14

A little help: STL Map = Dictionnary in C#