MOGRE for vb6


13-04-2009 19:20:00

hello all,
Would it be possible to make a moder.dll that can be refrenced by vb6?
If so how easy/hard would it be?
I'm asking this because I have a a big 2d application in vb6, and want to turn it into 3d, so i wanted to know which would be a faster way of doing this, porting it to or if it was easier to just make a moger.dll that can be called from vb6.
I have no experience with making a wrapper for any dll.


13-04-2009 20:19:07

I think writing the wrapper dll would be technically possible, maybe not easy, but possible (COM-dlls).
But even if you manage to write a functional wrapper, how would you use it? It would be a real pain to create and use objects without the capabilities of a real object-oriented-language.

Converting your existing code to VB.NET would be much easier. There as a wizard in Visual Studio to help you with that.
And, no offense, if you aren't already familiar with object-oriented concepts you'd have to learn them in order to use Mogre.
If you convert to .NET you would have to completely rewrite your graphics code. I don't know what you're using at the moment, but most of it will be incompatible to .NET - but since that's exactly what you want... ;-)


14-04-2009 18:33:34

Definatly try converting to VB.NET first since it will do no harm trying as this is the easier way to go overall. Can't remember if the conveter comes with the express edition though


15-04-2009 15:15:19

I already started converting it to, and the upgrade wizard does come with express edition. But i also made a dll for a part of the code that i have in vb6 so i can use it in instead of manualy porting it, would that affect the app's performance? I have heard that vb6 is a little faster then :?: