MogreNewt still hates me - Random freezing [Solved]


24-04-2009 01:11:45

For my first Mogre project, I have decided upon a very complex 'bouncy ball and platforms' game. And...It almost works right.

Except that, with startling repetition (80% of the time on startup or after about a minute after), the ball will freeze and never recover. The first thing the ball object does when it updates is unfreeze its 'Body' object and it has velocity (I haven't gotten around to learning how to use the 'AddForce' commands), so this should not be happening.

I've checked in the debugger; it unfreezes properly, but it seems that it freezes right up each time the world updates.

I'm using Mogre version 1.4.8.

Thanks for any and all help.


24-04-2009 01:22:56

It only seems to happen when the ball is not colliding with a platform/is in the air.