Scale,Rotate,Move mesh with mouse?


28-04-2009 12:56:45

I have a Mogre Panel into form and i want to know ho can i move,rotate and scale Mesh/Entity with mouse moving ?



28-04-2009 13:17:28


First you can select the object using rayQuery (look at the tutos for how to do it) and then you can apply rotation or any transformation to the selected sceneNode depending of your mouse mvt...



28-04-2009 14:37:03

Like jmix said, rayquery's the way to do this. For doing what you want, this is the tut to follow: ... Tutorial_3

however this build on the previous tutorial here: ... Tutorial_2

so you might want to do that first.

They're for OgreDotNet but they're close enough, you should pick it up fairly simple.