What's the best physics engine for use with Mogre?


29-04-2009 00:32:58

I'm currently using MogreNewt, but it is less than ideal (False positives, false negatives, the acceleration functions are a bit primitive).

I need something good, free (Preferably Open Source) and that works with C#/.Net

Thanks. :)


29-04-2009 02:55:15

I believe there are other ports/wrappers but for the most part they're not maintained nor I guess you'd say "officially supported"

I think there was a lot of interest in wrapping the PhysX engine, but for the most part Newton works fine.


29-04-2009 19:05:31

How usable is Newton 2.0?


30-04-2009 04:29:15

That's really based on your needs, for example as far as I can see Newton isn't too big with fluid mechanics, whereas another might be.

I personally find Newton very usable and adaptable. Although I'd like to see NxOgre (physx) wrapped for Mogre.


01-05-2009 22:44:16

I don't like talking about "the best". It depends to the needs and other things.
Maybe other physic wrappers for Mogre are available, but also it's a question of documentation.
Without tutorials, examples, member descriptions etc. it's difficult to use it.

Newton 2 is in development for many months now. If I remember right, the main work is done (API revision, optimization, etc.). Now there are only tests and bugfixes.
Just try the open beta version and look if it's fine for you.
If you find bugs, post it in the open beta thread.

I don't know what you mean with false positives/negatives related to Newton.
Maybe it's a question of configuration?
You want to have better acceleration functions. I don't know about, but maybe other physics engines doesn't offer "better" ones. It's possible that your wishes aren't available directly by other physics engines, too. It could be that some things have to be done by the application developer. But I don't want to make a discusstion about here.

A good place for general Newton questions (independent of Mogre) is the OgreNewt forum.
Also you can talk about this in the Newton forum itself.
There are many experts who can help you in detailed questions.
And if you miss something you can tell a whish. Maybe it will be included.
For my application I had a special need and the author of Newton did include it.

OgreNewt forum:

Newton 2.0 Archemedia Open Beta: (Newton Website)
http://www.newtondynamics.com/forum/vie ... f=9&t=4922


15-06-2009 10:07:15

wonderful! thanks for the info..
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