Which version of Newton uses the latest MogreNewt?


29-04-2009 13:52:06

Hi,i download the latest Mogre 1.6.2 that Bekas released recently ( from here :http://www.ogre3d.org/addonforums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9831) which version of Newton Physics Engine it uses?



29-04-2009 14:20:31

there is no specific version of newton attached to Mogre 1.6.2. if you want to use a specific version of newton, you have to compile the associated ogrenewt version (1.53 or 2.0) against it. some minor change could be needed to the source code of ogrenewt (I haven't test the 1.53 version).

some information on compile latest ogrenewt against Mogre 1.6.2 here


29-04-2009 23:49:05

Do you know where can i get MogreNewt 1.53 source. There is a Wiki page but you need login and password to download SVN repository. (so login and password will do either).


30-04-2009 10:16:47

you don't need any login and password to download from the repository, just do a svn checkout with tortoise and copy/paste the good url.

if tortoise ask you for a login/password pair, try to see with bekas what's wrong, since he is the project admin. but if you just do a checkout, it will work like any other sourceforge project


30-04-2009 13:57:35

Ok i have downloaded it. It was asking for a login when i was trying to do import.