As with any open source project, community involvement is key to the OGRE project. So let’s say you like OGRE and want to get involved – how do you go about doing so?

Useful Information

Firstly, you want a good read on what’s going on in the OGRE project. Here are some resources you might need:

  1. Mercurial repository. Where we keep the code – fairly important.
  2. Forums. The primary discussion hub for us, particularly the ‘Developers’ forum
  3. Track our commits.

Getting Involved

  1. Submit a patch. This is the most obvious way of contributing although it’s by no means the only one. Whether it’s to fix a bug, improve support for other platforms, or adding a new feature, patches are always welcome.
  2. Create an Add-On or Tool. We have a lot of ‘satellite’ projects in our community and we’re always glad to see more. All add-ons are ‘born’ in the forums so that’s the best place to start talking about and showing off your work or ideas.
  3. Help out in the Forums. Passing on your experience to others is a fantastic way of contributing to the ongoing success of OGRE. Answering people’s questions, giving tips and advice, or just sharing your experiences is extremely valuable.
  4. Write Documentation Articles. As our ‘melting pot’ reference area, the Wiki is the place most people go to learn new skills. Adding new articles, correcting or enhancing existing ones, or even just reorganising or ‘beautifying’ some areas to make the experience a better one for users is very welcome.
  5. Help out on Gitter. Jump on to #ogre3d on and help your fellow users
  6. Sponsor a Feature. This option is only likely to apply if you’re a commercial user of OGRE, but if you have a need for a particular feature, whether it’s already on the roadmap or not, you might consider sponsoring it. Sponsoring a feature helps OGRE cover its expenses whilst at the same time improving the project for you and others, often accelerating development of that particular area. Please contact the Project Lead if you want to explore this option.