OGRE Developer Guide

Revision History
Revision 1.011 March 2010SS

Table of Contents

1. Recommended Mercurial Configuration
1.1. UI Section
1.2. Extensions
1.3. Windows Specific
1.4. Mac OS X Specific
2. Using Mercurial
2.1. General Points
2.2. Committing
2.3. Pushing / Pulling
2.4. Dealing With Patches
2.5. Parallel Development
2.6. Merging bugfixes across branches
2.7. Transplanting Individual Changes
2.8. Backing out a change
2.9. Using Bisect to Track Down Breakages

This document sets out the principles under which OGRE development will be undertaken, and is designed to be used as an introduction for new developers, and a reference for existing developers.


While this document is primarily aimed at core developers and other contributors to OGRE, regular users might find it interesting too, particularly if they aspire to contribute code eventually. Currently this guide concentrates on Mercurial to help our transition to it, but can be updated to include more later on.