OGRE  1.9
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
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OgreInstancedGeometry.h File Reference
#include "OgrePrerequisites.h"
#include "OgreMovableObject.h"
#include "OgreSimpleRenderable.h"
#include "OgreSkeleton.h"
#include "OgreSkeletonInstance.h"
#include "OgreAnimationTrack.h"
#include "OgreBone.h"
#include "OgreIteratorWrappers.h"
#include "OgreMesh.h"
#include "OgreHeaderPrefix.h"
#include "OgreHeaderSuffix.h"
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class  Ogre::InstancedGeometry
 Pre-transforms and batches up meshes for efficient use as instanced geometry in a scene. More...
class  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::BatchInstance
 The details of a topological BatchInstance which is the highest level of partitioning for this class. More...
class  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::GeometryBucket
 A GeometryBucket is a the lowest level bucket where geometry with the same vertex & index format is stored. More...
class  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject
class  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::LODBucket
 A LODBucket is a collection of smaller buckets with the same LOD. More...
class  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::MaterialBucket
 A MaterialBucket is a collection of smaller buckets with the same Material (and implicitly the same LOD). More...
class  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::OptimisedSubMeshGeometry
 Struct holding geometry optimised per SubMesh / LOD level, ready for copying to instances. More...
struct  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::QueuedGeometry
 Structure recording a queued geometry for low level builds. More...
struct  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::QueuedSubMesh
 Structure recording a queued submesh for the build. More...
struct  Ogre::InstancedGeometry::SubMeshLodGeometryLink
 Saved link between SubMesh at a LOD and vertex/index data May point to original or optimised geometry. More...



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