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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
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Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody Class Reference

Internal class holding a point list representation of a convex body. More...

#include <OgreShadowCameraSetupFocused.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PointListBody ()
 PointListBody (const ConvexBody &body)
 ~PointListBody ()
void addAAB (const AxisAlignedBox &aab)
 Adds all points of an AAB. More...
void addPoint (const Vector3 &point)
 Adds a specific point to the body list. More...
void build (const ConvexBody &body, bool filterDuplicates=true)
 Builds a point list body from a 'real' body. More...
void buildAndIncludeDirection (const ConvexBody &body, Real extrudeDist, const Vector3 &dir)
 Builds a PointListBody from a Body and includes all the space in a given direction. More...
const AxisAlignedBoxgetAAB (void) const
 Returns the bounding box representation. More...
const Vector3getPoint (size_t cnt) const
 Returns a point. More...
size_t getPointCount (void) const
 Returns the point count. More...
void merge (const PointListBody &plb)
 Merges a second PointListBody into this one. More...
void reset (void)
 Resets the body. More...

Private Attributes

AxisAlignedBox mAAB
Polygon::VertexList mBodyPoints

Detailed Description

Internal class holding a point list representation of a convex body.

Definition at line 86 of file OgreShadowCameraSetupFocused.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::PointListBody ( )
Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::PointListBody ( const ConvexBody body)
Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::~PointListBody ( )

Member Function Documentation

void Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::addAAB ( const AxisAlignedBox aab)

Adds all points of an AAB.

void Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::addPoint ( const Vector3 point)

Adds a specific point to the body list.

void Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::build ( const ConvexBody body,
bool  filterDuplicates = true 

Builds a point list body from a 'real' body.

Inserts all vertices from a body into the point list with or without adding duplicate vertices.
void Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::buildAndIncludeDirection ( const ConvexBody body,
Real  extrudeDist,
const Vector3 dir 

Builds a PointListBody from a Body and includes all the space in a given direction.

Intersects the bounding box with a ray from each available point of the body with the given direction. Base and intersection points are stored in a PointListBody structure.
Duplicate vertices are not filtered.
Body is not checked for correctness.
const AxisAlignedBox& Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::getAAB ( void  ) const

Returns the bounding box representation.

const Vector3& Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::getPoint ( size_t  cnt) const

Returns a point.

size_t Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::getPointCount ( void  ) const

Returns the point count.

void Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::merge ( const PointListBody plb)

Merges a second PointListBody into this one.

void Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::reset ( void  )

Resets the body.

Member Data Documentation

AxisAlignedBox Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::mAAB

Definition at line 89 of file OgreShadowCameraSetupFocused.h.

Polygon::VertexList Ogre::FocusedShadowCameraSetup::PointListBody::mBodyPoints

Definition at line 88 of file OgreShadowCameraSetupFocused.h.

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