OGRE  1.9
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
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Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc Struct Reference

structure holding texture unit settings for every stage More...

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Public Attributes

TexCoordCalcMethod autoTexCoordType
 type of auto tex. calc. used More...
size_t coordIndex
 which texCoordIndex to use More...
D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC currentSamplerDesc
const Frustumfrustum
 Frustum, used if the above is projection. More...
LayerBlendModeEx layerBlendMode
ID3D11ShaderResourceView * pTex
 texture More...
D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC samplerDesc
TextureType type
 the type of the texture More...
bool used

Detailed Description

structure holding texture unit settings for every stage

Definition at line 172 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

Member Data Documentation

TexCoordCalcMethod Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::autoTexCoordType

type of auto tex. calc. used

Definition at line 180 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

size_t Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::coordIndex

which texCoordIndex to use

Definition at line 178 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::currentSamplerDesc

Definition at line 189 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

const Frustum* Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::frustum

Frustum, used if the above is projection.

Definition at line 182 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

LayerBlendModeEx Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::layerBlendMode

Definition at line 184 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

ID3D11ShaderResourceView* Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::pTex


Definition at line 187 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

D3D11_SAMPLER_DESC Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::samplerDesc

Definition at line 188 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

TextureType Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::type

the type of the texture

Definition at line 176 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

bool Ogre::D3D11RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::used

Definition at line 191 of file OgreD3D11RenderSystem.h.

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