OGRE  1.9
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
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Ogre::D3D9RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc Struct Reference

structure holding texture unit settings for every stage More...

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Public Attributes

TexCoordCalcMethod autoTexCoordType
 type of auto tex. calc. used More...
size_t coordIndex
 which texCoordIndex to use More...
const Frustumfrustum
 Frustum, used if the above is projection. More...
IDirect3DBaseTexture9 * pTex
 texture More...
IDirect3DBaseTexture9 * pVertexTex
 vertex texture More...
D3D9Mappings::eD3DTexType texType
 the type of the texture More...

Detailed Description

structure holding texture unit settings for every stage

Definition at line 90 of file OgreD3D9RenderSystem.h.

Member Data Documentation

TexCoordCalcMethod Ogre::D3D9RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::autoTexCoordType

type of auto tex. calc. used

Definition at line 97 of file OgreD3D9RenderSystem.h.

size_t Ogre::D3D9RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::coordIndex

which texCoordIndex to use

Definition at line 95 of file OgreD3D9RenderSystem.h.

const Frustum* Ogre::D3D9RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::frustum

Frustum, used if the above is projection.

Definition at line 99 of file OgreD3D9RenderSystem.h.

IDirect3DBaseTexture9* Ogre::D3D9RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::pTex


Definition at line 101 of file OgreD3D9RenderSystem.h.

IDirect3DBaseTexture9* Ogre::D3D9RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::pVertexTex

vertex texture

Definition at line 103 of file OgreD3D9RenderSystem.h.

D3D9Mappings::eD3DTexType Ogre::D3D9RenderSystem::sD3DTextureStageDesc::texType

the type of the texture

Definition at line 93 of file OgreD3D9RenderSystem.h.

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