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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
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Ogre::AutoParamDataSource Class Reference

This utility class is used to hold the information used to generate the matrices and other information required to automatically populate GpuProgramParameters. More...

#include <OgreAutoParamDataSource.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AutoParamDataSource ()
virtual ~AutoParamDataSource ()
const Light_getBlankLight (void) const
const ColourValuegetAmbientLightColour (void) const
const Vector4getCameraPosition (void) const
const Vector4getCameraPositionObjectSpace (void) const
Real getCosTime_0_1 (Real x) const
Real getCosTime_0_2Pi (Real x) const
Real getCosTime_0_X (Real x) const
const PassgetCurrentPass (void) const
const RenderablegetCurrentRenderable (void) const
const RenderTargetgetCurrentRenderTarget (void) const
ColourValue getDerivedAmbientLightColour (void) const
ColourValue getDerivedSceneColour (void) const
Real getFarClipDistance () const
const ColourValuegetFogColour (void) const
const Vector4getFogParams (void) const
Real getFOV () const
Real getFPS () const
Real getFrameTime (void) const
Matrix4 getInverseProjectionMatrix () const
Vector4 getInverseTextureSize (size_t index) const
Matrix4 getInverseTransposeProjectionMatrix () const
Matrix4 getInverseTransposeViewMatrix () const
Matrix4 getInverseTransposeViewProjMatrix () const
const Matrix4getInverseTransposeWorldMatrix (void) const
const Matrix4getInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrix (void) const
Matrix4 getInverseTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix () const
const Matrix4getInverseViewMatrix (void) const
Real getInverseViewportHeight () const
Real getInverseViewportWidth () const
Matrix4 getInverseViewProjMatrix (void) const
const Matrix4getInverseWorldMatrix (void) const
const Matrix4getInverseWorldViewMatrix (void) const
Matrix4 getInverseWorldViewProjMatrix () const
Vector4 getLightAs4DVector (size_t index) const
Vector4 getLightAttenuation (size_t index) const
float getLightCastsShadows (size_t index) const
float getLightCount () const
const ColourValuegetLightDiffuseColour (size_t index) const
const ColourValue getLightDiffuseColourWithPower (size_t index) const
Vector3 getLightDirection (size_t index) const
Vector3 getLightPosition (size_t index) const
Real getLightPowerScale (size_t index) const
const ColourValuegetLightSpecularColour (size_t index) const
const ColourValue getLightSpecularColourWithPower (size_t index) const
const Vector4getLodCameraPosition (void) const
const Vector4getLodCameraPositionObjectSpace (void) const
Real getNearClipDistance () const
Vector4 getPackedTextureSize (size_t index) const
int getPassNumber (void) const
const Matrix4getProjectionMatrix (void) const
const vector< Real >::type & getPssmSplits (size_t shadowMapIdx) const
const Vector4getSceneDepthRange () const
const ColourValuegetShadowColour () const
Real getShadowExtrusionDistance (void) const
const Vector4getShadowSceneDepthRange (size_t index) const
Real getSinTime_0_1 (Real x) const
Real getSinTime_0_2Pi (Real x) const
Real getSinTime_0_X (Real x) const
Vector4 getSpotlightParams (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getSpotlightViewProjMatrix (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrix (size_t index) const
Real getSurfaceAlphaRejectionValue (void) const
const ColourValuegetSurfaceAmbientColour (void) const
const ColourValuegetSurfaceDiffuseColour (void) const
const ColourValuegetSurfaceEmissiveColour (void) const
Real getSurfaceShininess (void) const
const ColourValuegetSurfaceSpecularColour (void) const
Real getTanTime_0_1 (Real x) const
Real getTanTime_0_2Pi (Real x) const
Real getTanTime_0_X (Real x) const
Vector4 getTextureSize (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getTextureTransformMatrix (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getTextureViewProjMatrix (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getTextureWorldViewProjMatrix (size_t index) const
Real getTime (void) const
Real getTime_0_1 (Real x) const
Vector4 getTime_0_1_packed (Real x) const
Real getTime_0_2Pi (Real x) const
Vector4 getTime_0_2Pi_packed (Real x) const
Real getTime_0_X (Real x) const
Vector4 getTime_0_X_packed (Real x) const
Matrix4 getTransposeProjectionMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeViewMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeViewProjMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeWorldMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeWorldViewMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix () const
Vector3 getViewDirection () const
const Matrix4getViewMatrix (void) const
Real getViewportHeight () const
Real getViewportWidth () const
const Matrix4getViewProjectionMatrix (void) const
Vector3 getViewSideVector () const
Vector3 getViewUpVector () const
const Matrix4getWorldMatrix (void) const
const Matrix4getWorldMatrixArray (void) const
size_t getWorldMatrixCount (void) const
const Matrix4getWorldViewMatrix (void) const
const Matrix4getWorldViewProjMatrix (void) const
bool hasLightList () const
void incPassNumber (void)
void operator delete (void *ptr)
void operator delete (void *ptr, void *)
void operator delete (void *ptr, const char *, int, const char *)
void operator delete[] (void *ptr)
void operator delete[] (void *ptr, const char *, int, const char *)
void * operator new (size_t sz, const char *file, int line, const char *func)
 operator new, with debug line info More...
void * operator new (size_t sz)
void * operator new (size_t sz, void *ptr)
 placement operator new More...
void * operator new[] (size_t sz, const char *file, int line, const char *func)
 array operator new, with debug line info More...
void * operator new[] (size_t sz)
void setAmbientLightColour (const ColourValue &ambient)
void setCurrentCamera (const Camera *cam)
 Updates the current camera. More...
void setCurrentLightList (const LightList *ll)
 Sets the light list that should be used, and it's base index from the global list. More...
void setCurrentPass (const Pass *pass)
 Sets the current pass. More...
void setCurrentRenderable (const Renderable *rend)
 Updates the current renderable. More...
void setCurrentSceneManager (const SceneManager *sm)
 Set the current scene manager for enquiring on demand. More...
void setCurrentShadowNode (const CompositorShadowNode *sn)
void setCurrentViewport (const Viewport *viewport)
 Sets the current viewport. More...
void setFog (FogMode mode, const ColourValue &colour, Real expDensity, Real linearStart, Real linearEnd)
void setPassNumber (const int passNumber)
void setShadowDirLightExtrusionDistance (Real dist)
 Sets the shadow extrusion distance to be used for point lights. More...
void setTextureProjector (const Frustum *frust, size_t index)
 Sets the current texture projector for a index. More...
void setWorldMatrices (const Matrix4 *m, size_t count)
 Sets the world matrices, avoid query from renderable again. More...
void updateLightCustomGpuParameter (const GpuProgramParameters::AutoConstantEntry &constantEntry, GpuProgramParameters *params) const

Protected Member Functions

const LightgetLight (size_t index) const
 OGRE_SIMD_ALIGNED_DECL (mutable Matrix4, mWorldMatrix[256])

Protected Attributes

ColourValue mAmbientLight
Light mBlankLight
Vector4 mCameraPosition
bool mCameraPositionDirty
Vector4 mCameraPositionObjectSpace
bool mCameraPositionObjectSpaceDirty
const CameramCurrentCamera
const LightListmCurrentLightList
const PassmCurrentPass
const RenderablemCurrentRenderable
const RenderTargetmCurrentRenderTarget
const SceneManagermCurrentSceneManager
const CompositorShadowNodemCurrentShadowNode
const FrustummCurrentTextureProjector [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
const ViewportmCurrentViewport
Real mDirLightExtrusionDistance
ColourValue mFogColour
Vector4 mFogParams
Matrix4 mInverseTransposeWorldMatrix
bool mInverseTransposeWorldMatrixDirty
Matrix4 mInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrix
bool mInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrixDirty
Matrix4 mInverseViewMatrix
bool mInverseViewMatrixDirty
Matrix4 mInverseWorldMatrix
bool mInverseWorldMatrixDirty
Matrix4 mInverseWorldViewMatrix
bool mInverseWorldViewMatrixDirty
Vector4 mLodCameraPosition
bool mLodCameraPositionDirty
Vector4 mLodCameraPositionObjectSpace
bool mLodCameraPositionObjectSpaceDirty
vector< Real >::type mNullPssmSplitPoint
ObjectMemoryManager mObjectMemoryManager
int mPassNumber
Matrix4 mProjectionMatrix
bool mProjMatrixDirty
Vector4 mSceneDepthRange
bool mSceneDepthRangeDirty
Vector4 mShadowCamDepthRanges [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
bool mShadowCamDepthRangesDirty [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
Matrix4 mSpotlightViewProjMatrix [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
bool mSpotlightViewProjMatrixDirty [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
Matrix4 mSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrix [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
bool mSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrixDirty [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
Matrix4 mTextureViewProjMatrix [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
bool mTextureViewProjMatrixDirty [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
Matrix4 mTextureWorldViewProjMatrix [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
bool mTextureWorldViewProjMatrixDirty [OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]
Matrix4 mViewMatrix
bool mViewMatrixDirty
Matrix4 mViewProjMatrix
bool mViewProjMatrixDirty
const Matrix4mWorldMatrixArray
size_t mWorldMatrixCount
bool mWorldMatrixDirty
Matrix4 mWorldViewMatrix
bool mWorldViewMatrixDirty
Matrix4 mWorldViewProjMatrix
bool mWorldViewProjMatrixDirty

Detailed Description

This utility class is used to hold the information used to generate the matrices and other information required to automatically populate GpuProgramParameters.

This class exercises a lazy-update scheme in order to avoid having to update all the information a GpuProgramParameters class could possibly want all the time. It relies on the SceneManager to update it when the base data has changed, and will calculate concatenated matrices etc only when required, passing back precalculated matrices when they are requested more than once when the underlying information has not altered.

Definition at line 59 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::AutoParamDataSource ( )
virtual Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::~AutoParamDataSource ( )

Member Function Documentation

const Light& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::_getBlankLight ( void  ) const

Definition at line 258 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getAmbientLightColour ( void  ) const
const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCameraPosition ( void  ) const
const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCameraPositionObjectSpace ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCosTime_0_1 ( Real  x) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCosTime_0_2Pi ( Real  x) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCosTime_0_X ( Real  x) const
const Pass* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCurrentPass ( void  ) const
const Renderable* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCurrentRenderable ( void  ) const
const RenderTarget* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCurrentRenderTarget ( void  ) const
ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getDerivedAmbientLightColour ( void  ) const
ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getDerivedSceneColour ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFarClipDistance ( ) const
const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFogColour ( void  ) const
const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFogParams ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFOV ( ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFPS ( ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFrameTime ( void  ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseProjectionMatrix ( ) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTextureSize ( size_t  index) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeProjectionMatrix ( ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeViewMatrix ( ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeViewProjMatrix ( ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeWorldMatrix ( void  ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrix ( void  ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix ( ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseViewMatrix ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseViewportHeight ( ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseViewportWidth ( ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseViewProjMatrix ( void  ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseWorldMatrix ( void  ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseWorldViewMatrix ( void  ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseWorldViewProjMatrix ( ) const
const Light& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLight ( size_t  index) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightAs4DVector ( size_t  index) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightAttenuation ( size_t  index) const
float Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightCastsShadows ( size_t  index) const
float Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightCount ( ) const
const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightDiffuseColour ( size_t  index) const
const ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightDiffuseColourWithPower ( size_t  index) const
Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightDirection ( size_t  index) const
Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightPosition ( size_t  index) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightPowerScale ( size_t  index) const
const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightSpecularColour ( size_t  index) const
const ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightSpecularColourWithPower ( size_t  index) const
const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLodCameraPosition ( void  ) const
const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLodCameraPositionObjectSpace ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getNearClipDistance ( ) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getPackedTextureSize ( size_t  index) const
int Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getPassNumber ( void  ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getProjectionMatrix ( void  ) const
const vector<Real>::type& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getPssmSplits ( size_t  shadowMapIdx) const
const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSceneDepthRange ( ) const
const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getShadowColour ( ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getShadowExtrusionDistance ( void  ) const
const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getShadowSceneDepthRange ( size_t  index) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSinTime_0_1 ( Real  x) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSinTime_0_2Pi ( Real  x) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSinTime_0_X ( Real  x) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSpotlightParams ( size_t  index) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSpotlightViewProjMatrix ( size_t  index) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrix ( size_t  index) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceAlphaRejectionValue ( void  ) const
const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceAmbientColour ( void  ) const
const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceDiffuseColour ( void  ) const
const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceEmissiveColour ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceShininess ( void  ) const
const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceSpecularColour ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTanTime_0_1 ( Real  x) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTanTime_0_2Pi ( Real  x) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTanTime_0_X ( Real  x) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTextureSize ( size_t  index) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTextureTransformMatrix ( size_t  index) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTextureViewProjMatrix ( size_t  index) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTextureWorldViewProjMatrix ( size_t  index) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_1 ( Real  x) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_1_packed ( Real  x) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_2Pi ( Real  x) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_2Pi_packed ( Real  x) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_X ( Real  x) const
Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_X_packed ( Real  x) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeProjectionMatrix ( ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeViewMatrix ( ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeViewProjMatrix ( ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeWorldMatrix ( ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeWorldViewMatrix ( ) const
Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix ( ) const
Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewDirection ( ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewMatrix ( void  ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewportHeight ( ) const
Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewportWidth ( ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewProjectionMatrix ( void  ) const
Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewSideVector ( ) const
Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewUpVector ( ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldMatrix ( void  ) const
const Matrix4* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldMatrixArray ( void  ) const
size_t Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldMatrixCount ( void  ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldViewMatrix ( void  ) const
const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldViewProjMatrix ( void  ) const
bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::hasLightList ( ) const

Definition at line 170 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::incPassNumber ( void  )
Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::OGRE_SIMD_ALIGNED_DECL ( mutable  Matrix4,
mWorldMatrix  [256] 
template<class Alloc >
void Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator delete ( void *  ptr)

Definition at line 96 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator delete ( void *  ptr,
void *   

Definition at line 102 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator delete ( void *  ptr,
const char *  ,
int  ,
const char *   

Definition at line 108 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator delete[] ( void *  ptr)

Definition at line 113 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator delete[] ( void *  ptr,
const char *  ,
int  ,
const char *   

Definition at line 119 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void* Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator new ( size_t  sz,
const char *  file,
int  line,
const char *  func 

operator new, with debug line info

Definition at line 68 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void* Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator new ( size_t  sz)

Definition at line 73 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void* Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator new ( size_t  sz,
void *  ptr 

placement operator new

Definition at line 79 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void* Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator new[] ( size_t  sz,
const char *  file,
int  line,
const char *  func 

array operator new, with debug line info

Definition at line 86 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

template<class Alloc >
void* Ogre::AllocatedObject< Alloc >::operator new[] ( size_t  sz)

Definition at line 91 of file OgreMemoryAllocatedObject.h.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setAmbientLightColour ( const ColourValue ambient)
void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentCamera ( const Camera cam)

Updates the current camera.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentLightList ( const LightList ll)

Sets the light list that should be used, and it's base index from the global list.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentPass ( const Pass pass)

Sets the current pass.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentRenderable ( const Renderable rend)

Updates the current renderable.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentSceneManager ( const SceneManager sm)

Set the current scene manager for enquiring on demand.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentShadowNode ( const CompositorShadowNode sn)
void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentViewport ( const Viewport viewport)

Sets the current viewport.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setFog ( FogMode  mode,
const ColourValue colour,
Real  expDensity,
Real  linearStart,
Real  linearEnd 
void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setPassNumber ( const int  passNumber)
void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setShadowDirLightExtrusionDistance ( Real  dist)

Sets the shadow extrusion distance to be used for point lights.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setTextureProjector ( const Frustum frust,
size_t  index 

Sets the current texture projector for a index.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setWorldMatrices ( const Matrix4 m,
size_t  count 

Sets the world matrices, avoid query from renderable again.

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::updateLightCustomGpuParameter ( const GpuProgramParameters::AutoConstantEntry constantEntry,
GpuProgramParameters params 
) const

Member Data Documentation

ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mAmbientLight

Definition at line 105 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Light Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mBlankLight

Definition at line 128 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

SceneNode* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mBlankLightNode

Definition at line 127 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCameraPosition

Definition at line 74 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCameraPositionDirty

Definition at line 98 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCameraPositionObjectSpace

Definition at line 75 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCameraPositionObjectSpaceDirty

Definition at line 99 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const Camera* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentCamera

Definition at line 115 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const LightList* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentLightList

Definition at line 116 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const Pass* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentPass

Definition at line 121 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const Renderable* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentRenderable

Definition at line 114 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const RenderTarget* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentRenderTarget

Definition at line 118 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const SceneManager* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentSceneManager

Definition at line 120 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const CompositorShadowNode* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentShadowNode

Definition at line 122 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const Frustum* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentTextureProjector[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 117 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const Viewport* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mCurrentViewport

Definition at line 119 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mDirLightExtrusionDistance

Definition at line 83 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mFogColour

Definition at line 106 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mFogParams

Definition at line 107 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseTransposeWorldMatrix

Definition at line 72 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseTransposeWorldMatrixDirty

Definition at line 96 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrix

Definition at line 73 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrixDirty

Definition at line 97 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseViewMatrix

Definition at line 71 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseViewMatrixDirty

Definition at line 95 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseWorldMatrix

Definition at line 69 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseWorldMatrixDirty

Definition at line 93 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseWorldViewMatrix

Definition at line 70 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mInverseWorldViewMatrixDirty

Definition at line 94 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mLodCameraPosition

Definition at line 84 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mLodCameraPositionDirty

Definition at line 111 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mLodCameraPositionObjectSpace

Definition at line 85 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mLodCameraPositionObjectSpaceDirty

Definition at line 112 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

NodeMemoryManager* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mNodeMemoryManager

Definition at line 126 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

vector<Real>::type Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mNullPssmSplitPoint

Definition at line 123 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

ObjectMemoryManager Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mObjectMemoryManager

Definition at line 125 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

int Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mPassNumber

Definition at line 108 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mProjectionMatrix

Definition at line 82 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mProjMatrixDirty

Definition at line 89 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mSceneDepthRange

Definition at line 109 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mSceneDepthRangeDirty

Definition at line 110 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mShadowCamDepthRanges[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 80 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mShadowCamDepthRangesDirty[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 104 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mSpotlightViewProjMatrix[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 78 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mSpotlightViewProjMatrixDirty[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 102 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrix[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 79 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrixDirty[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 103 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mTextureViewProjMatrix[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 76 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mTextureViewProjMatrixDirty[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 100 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mTextureWorldViewProjMatrix[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 77 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mTextureWorldViewProjMatrixDirty[OGRE_MAX_SIMULTANEOUS_LIGHTS]

Definition at line 101 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mViewMatrix

Definition at line 81 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mViewMatrixDirty

Definition at line 88 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mViewProjMatrix

Definition at line 67 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mViewProjMatrixDirty

Definition at line 91 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

const Matrix4* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mWorldMatrixArray

Definition at line 65 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

size_t Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mWorldMatrixCount

Definition at line 64 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mWorldMatrixDirty

Definition at line 87 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mWorldViewMatrix

Definition at line 66 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mWorldViewMatrixDirty

Definition at line 90 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mWorldViewProjMatrix

Definition at line 68 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::mWorldViewProjMatrixDirty

Definition at line 92 of file OgreAutoParamDataSource.h.

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