OGRE  2.0
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
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Ogre::HlmsParam Struct Reference

#include <OgreHlmsCommon.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::HlmsParam:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~HlmsParam ()

Public Attributes

SceneBlendOperation alphaBlendOperation
bool alphaToCoverageEnabled
SceneBlendOperation blendOperation
bool colourWrite
CullingMode cullMode
float depthBiasSlopeScale
bool depthCheck
CompareFunction depthFunc
bool depthWrite
SceneBlendFactor destBlendFactor
SceneBlendFactor destBlendFactorAlpha
PolygonMode polygonMode
bool separateBlend
bool separateBlendOperation
 Determines if we should use separate blending operations for color and alpha channels. More...
SceneBlendFactor sourceBlendFactor
SceneBlendFactor sourceBlendFactorAlpha

Detailed Description

Definition at line 133 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual Ogre::HlmsParam::~HlmsParam ( )

Definition at line 135 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

Member Data Documentation

SceneBlendOperation Ogre::HlmsParam::alphaBlendOperation

Definition at line 158 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

bool Ogre::HlmsParam::alphaToCoverageEnabled

Definition at line 139 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

SceneBlendOperation Ogre::HlmsParam::blendOperation

Definition at line 157 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

bool Ogre::HlmsParam::colourWrite

Definition at line 140 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

CullingMode Ogre::HlmsParam::cullMode

Definition at line 137 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

float Ogre::HlmsParam::depthBiasSlopeScale

Definition at line 144 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

bool Ogre::HlmsParam::depthCheck

Definition at line 141 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

CompareFunction Ogre::HlmsParam::depthFunc

Definition at line 143 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

bool Ogre::HlmsParam::depthWrite

Definition at line 142 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

SceneBlendFactor Ogre::HlmsParam::destBlendFactor

Definition at line 148 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

SceneBlendFactor Ogre::HlmsParam::destBlendFactorAlpha

Definition at line 150 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

PolygonMode Ogre::HlmsParam::polygonMode

Definition at line 138 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

bool Ogre::HlmsParam::separateBlend

Definition at line 153 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

bool Ogre::HlmsParam::separateBlendOperation

Determines if we should use separate blending operations for color and alpha channels.

Definition at line 161 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

SceneBlendFactor Ogre::HlmsParam::sourceBlendFactor

Definition at line 147 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

SceneBlendFactor Ogre::HlmsParam::sourceBlendFactorAlpha

Definition at line 149 of file OgreHlmsCommon.h.

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