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8.4 SceneNode Animation

SceneNode animation is created from the SceneManager in order to animate the movement of SceneNodes, to make any attached objects move around automatically. You can see this performing a camera swoop in Demo_CameraTrack, or controlling how the fish move around in the pond in Demo_Fresnel.

At it’s heart, scene node animation is mostly the same code which animates the underlying skeleton in skeletal animation. After creating the main Animation using SceneManager::createAnimation you can create a NodeAnimationTrack per SceneNode that you want to animate, and create keyframes which control its position, orientation and scale which can be interpolated linearly or via splines. You use Animation State in the same way as you do for skeletal/vertex animation, except you obtain the state from SceneManager instead of from an individual Entity.Animations are applied automatically every frame, or the state can be applied manually in advance using the _applySceneAnimations() method on SceneManager. See the API reference for full details of the interface for configuring scene animations.

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