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Why donations?

Whilst Ogre3D is free under its open source license, it’s not entirely free to run – everything has a cost. Openhub (ex. Ohloh) estimates the total cost of having developed Ogre3D (although this has to be taken with a pinch of salt) at nearly $9m, and whilst our direct costs are nowhere near that level, we nevertheless have to cover hosting, hardware, travel and such, some of which is covered by advertising.

So if you’ve enjoyed using Ogre3D, or perhaps it’s helped you make a little money yourself, a donation is always appreciated, large or small.

What will donations be used for?

Donations will be used to cover any shortfall in our hosting costs, to purchase hardware and software to help developing Ogre, travel occasionally to conferences, and other Ogre3D -related causes. On occasion, we may have donation drives for specific funding goals, and those will be presented on this page when appropriate.

Benefits of Donating

So if you donate, what do you get out of it?

  1. A ‘sponsor’ badge recognizing the donation in the forums, if you provide your user name while donating. Different badges are awarded depending on the amount donated. Those with ‘merit’ badges in the forum already (which cannot be bought!) will have their sponsor status appended to their description.
  2. A warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing that your donation is helping fund the Ogre3D project for the benefit of all.

Sponsors will also be listed in the Sponsors page, provided a forum account name is specified when donating.

It’s also worth mentioning what donating doesn’t get you – it doesn’t get you any more influence or attention than any other user, in the forum or otherwise. Donations are voluntary and cannot come with any conditions or expectations of special treatment attached.

Do I have to use PayPal?

Unless you are a corporate sponsor, PayPal is the only option at this time, yes.

Can I become a corporate sponsor?

Absolutely! Please contact us if you wish to make a sponsorship offer. Corporate sponsors also have a place of honour on our site.

Current Funding Goals

No specific funding goals at this time – just the running costs of this site, and general help with purchasing software & hardware for the team.

Do I get tax relief on these donations?

No, we’re not a registered charity so donations are not tax-deductable in any jurisdictions we are aware of.

Any questions?

Refer to the contact page on how to get in touch.

Important: Fill in the ‘Forum Account Name‘ at the final stage if you want recognition