Wiki page update.


31-03-2006 11:00:59

Okay, I'm updating the Wiki page... but it's 3:45am and I need to get to bed... I think you'll all like what I have so far...


02-04-2006 02:27:31

This is excellent EagleEye. That cleared up a lot... Thanks man!



02-04-2006 06:17:25

As I work through the tutorials, I'm updating them with C# versions of the code.

hopefully it'll help someone, someday


02-04-2006 13:04:20

Ahh perfect DC... just on time... hehe

I should be hitting the tutorials in the next couple of days... thanks man!




02-04-2006 18:51:19

That's great news!
Thanks DC :D
hopefully it'll help someone, someday
by now you've helped at least 2 guys, within a few hours :D


02-04-2006 20:04:26

I appreciate what you are doing here, but I don't like this at all. :?

It should be in the OgreDotNet section - like the PyOgre tutorials. :wink:


Because this makes the tutorials pages long.
Because this is not the official OGRE language.
Because this is not generally supported.
Because C# support is provided through an OGRE addon.
Because we don't want to give folks the wrong impression.
Because later someone might decide to add VB to it.

Could you copy the contents of that page, and open up an OgreDotNet tutorial section? :)

If you don't - I will. :P

The page in question:


02-04-2006 20:43:24

I agree, Ogre is a C++ library. You should not include wrapper specific information in the main Ogre tutorials.


02-04-2006 20:54:50

Yes these should be separate pages.
Is there a Addons section to the wiki or somewhere to group links for OgreDotNet ?


02-04-2006 21:09:42

The PyOgre folks made a PyOgre portal:
Notice the similarity to Wiki main? :)

You probably should update this page as well:


02-04-2006 21:13:03

the new wiki update looks good.

one problem i have is:

CeguiBindings.dll is listed as 'REQUIRED' although its definetly not. i dont think we want new comers thinking they need anything that has to do with cegui to get OgreDotNet to work.


02-04-2006 21:33:26

the new wiki update looks good.

one problem i have is:

CeguiBindings.dll is listed as 'REQUIRED' although its definetly not. i dont think we want new comers thinking they need anything that has to do with cegui to get OgreDotNet to work.

The "required" thing is only there because CeguiBindings.dll is required to be built before you can build CeguiDotNet. I can clarify that if you'd like.


02-04-2006 23:22:53

DigitalCyborg and ElectricBliss
I'v changed the main OgreDotNet wiki page there's a section now to put tutorials. Please undo the changes to the Ogre Basic Tutorials and as I did for the first one you coud just copy it to a new page. If you need any help with the wiki just ask I'll help.


02-04-2006 23:50:14


you are correct. We'll move them!



02-04-2006 23:51:12

Okay RM,

We're on it... Thanks.



02-04-2006 23:55:48

I just cleaned up the original OGRE C++ Tutorial page so it's back to normal. :wink:

That new OgreDotNet portal looks great! :)

Now you just need a spiffy Logo - like PyOgre and Ogre4J! :wink:


03-04-2006 00:20:31

Ahh okay that was you! hehe... excellent I cleaned up the other two tutorials.

And the new wiki looks fantastic!



03-04-2006 00:42:43

Yep, that was me! :P

It is a good idea to check out the Recent Changes page once in a while - it gives you a nice overview over who did what and when: :)

An easy way of reverting edits is to choose History instead of Edit.
Then choose a previous revision and hit Edit on that and save it over the current.
The Wiki is great. :wink:


03-04-2006 01:03:05

Ahh very cool! Thanks for the tip!


04-04-2006 19:38:44

I spent a good amount of time last night splitting up the Installation page in to different pages:

Getting OgreDotNet (CVS Instructions)
Installing (the original document)

And I put in a new tutorial for how to set up your IDE to use OgreDotNet for your project.


08-04-2006 22:44:55

I've just given the C# version of tutorial 4 another readthough and I think its pretty much done. (well, it at least makes sense to me) :)

My intent in porting the cpp tutorials is to help me learn Ogre and C# at the same time. I've taken a few cpp classes and written some small stuff in cpp, but It's not my favorite language. I program in C and Verilog for a living, so the information and code in the tutorial was what I learned along the way.

Hopefully it'll help somebody out there.


16-04-2006 04:46:22

I've updated the OgreDotNet main wiki

and finished the C# port of Intermediate Tutorial 1 ... Tutorial_1

hopefully it makes sense. If not, let me know and I'll try to clarify it.