ETL Splatting Problem


20-05-2009 04:08:50


First of all, thanks for sharing this library. :)
I got ETL from Ogitor's SVN dependency trunk.
At first, after spend some time with this, I can manage to run in my test program. Using this test application, I can use 9 splatting.

So, I try to put this to my SceneEditor (based on wxWidget). Everything seems to be fine at first glance.
The first three texture works perfect, but, when I try to splatting 4th texture, the application terminated with 'Beep' sound.
Other than 'Beep' sound, I can't found any Error Log on Ogre.log and standard output.
The exact same function works fine with test application.
So, I guess the environment difference between two application cause this problem, but I can't figure out.

The difference between two application is these...
1. Test application use only one SceneManager, but Editor use multiple SceneManager for every window.
2. Test application use beforeFrame function for Terrain update,
but Editor has no beforeFrame, So It use wxTimer(Timer Class) to make an Timer Event. At OnTimer function, call Terrain update function.

Due to lack of information about error (no log, no output) and knowledge about ETL, I have no idea where to look.
Any suggestion would be appreciated. :D

Thanks in advance.