New User with Problem


06-03-2008 20:54:43

Sorry for my bad English..

I Have a Problem with the ETM ...

OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): Cannot locate a resource group called 'ET' for resource 'brush.png' in ResourceGroupManager::openResource at ..\src\OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line 544)

I only tests orge 2 or 3 days ...

can you help me @ this problem...

resource.cfg have


i dont cant start the Demo_ETM :-(


06-03-2008 21:26:39

Have you copied the media/ET files from ETM to your Ogre demo media directory? Because apparently they are missing.


06-03-2008 22:10:24

my directorystructure ...

OgreSDK/Media/ET (here are the brush.png & others)

OgreSDK/Bin/Release (here are the Demo.exe)

is there an Problem ??

sorry i realy a noob in Ogre.... i hope you help me anyway...

i have probplems with the directorystructure i thinks :-(


06-03-2008 22:37:55

In resources.cfg, you must have the following two lines (from your description you might be missing the first of these):



07-03-2008 14:49:13

Thanks Thanks Thanks ...

now i have understand the Resource.cfg ...

[General] ist for standart
[otherName] for Use other references ...

This ETM is realy good... terrainedit so like cryengine... :lol:

Thanks CABAListic for Your Help...

I will write in this Thread so i have questions about this great programm.