Smooth Funktion for Deform ??


17-05-2008 09:37:48

Hello together,

I work a few weeks at a small editor on basis of ETM

Now the question ... someone already has a kind of smooth function for the mDeform (not mpaint) .. and would help me?

Goof has this funktion... ... in ETM but I can not use this code

@ moment i use CEGUI

a picture can u see here .. simple menu @ moment


17-05-2008 09:41:45

this should work:

btw: you can use the force, erm search in the future ;)


17-05-2008 11:29:59

Oh .. Thanks...

i only has look in the addons sektion :-)

lets go :-D


19-05-2008 07:59:35

i only has look in the addons sektion :-)

It's actually reposted right here in the add-ons section, on the ETM board, on the first page.... entitled:

"Code: Fast/Simple Terrain Smoothing Function"


Search before you ask. Even -looking- before asking would have turned up this one.