Problem with large Terrain (example: 64k x 64x) [Fixed]


17-08-2008 01:27:15


I have a problem with the splatting or with depthcheck at positions that are far away (damn, don't know how to describe it...):

Well, my decal (an some parts of meshs that will be rendered at this place) will be rendered behind the terrain and I don't know why Oo THE SAME terrain at position 0/0/0 work's fine (no change in material scripts or anything)...

Any ideas? :cry:

Windows XP Home SP2
ATI Radeon X1550 Pro
RenderSystem: Direct3D 9
OGRE 1.4.8


17-08-2008 11:02:47

Set the depth bias on your decal material to a value that works for the scale of your terrain. Large values will completely eliminate the artifact you're seeing, but may also result in the decal being drawn inappropriately when it should be hidden (like when one part of the decal is behind a hill.) So you want to find a value that fixes the LOD artifact and looks good enough basically.

You -could- write a shader that draws the decal material and have it compensate for LOD in the vertex shader (as in the vert shader for splatting provided with ETM) that would work the best. It would look right in all situations.

But for me, the depth bias solution works just fine.