Maintenance release: Editable Terrain Manager v2.3.1


22-08-2008 22:04:45

Get it here:

Unfortunately I have to delay ETL yet again, since after my recovery I still have my bachelor thesis to write first. So at least I took some time and prepared a new maintenance release as I had proposed earlier in this forum. The following changes are included:

  1. Fixed Shoggoth compile and runtime errors.[/*:m]
  2. Fixed LOD vertex morphing which was seriously broken due to a silly error. LOD transitions should now appear a lot smoother than before.[/*:m]
  3. Added SongOfTheWeave's code to generate vertex tangents.[/*:m]
  4. Fixed a memory leak in ET::Tile when destroying the terrain.[/*:m][/list:u]

    Let me know if anything's broken :)


22-08-2008 23:41:52

Thank you CABAListic! Very much appreciated.


23-08-2008 10:38:27

Thank you Cabal for your work and consideration.

I, personally, very much appreciate it.


24-08-2008 11:13:46

I just realised I missed a couple more of those needed Shoggoth memory allocation changes, so I had to update the release again to 2.3.1. Sorry ;)


16-09-2008 02:24:49

The LOD morphing and lower LODs appear much much worse to me in 1.31. Distant mountains now look a bit like shark teeth. Anyone notice anything similar? Is there anything I might be missing on my end?

For function setUseLODMorphing, I'm using startMorphing = 1.6.

For function setLODErrorMargin, I'm using maxPixelError = 1.


16-09-2008 03:37:38

Your lodMorphStart parameter is too high. It's a relative value so it must be less than 1. A value of 1 would cause divide by zero, any value greater than 1 would cause bogus values for the morphFactor in the shader (which could explain your problems).


21-09-2008 18:57:27

Good news :) ... and godspeed for the bachelor thesis.