Is there any problem with DecalCursor class


28-11-2008 07:05:06

I am used the DecalCursor class (may be created by BloodyFanatic) in my ETterrain basic sample. I am getting the decal on the terrain, but the decal is not blended well and also the terrain also looking brighter(whitish) as shown in screen shot.

The code for DecalCursor class is placed at. ... cal+cursor

Am I did any mistake? please tell me the solution.

Result when decal used.

Result when decal not used.


05-12-2008 19:51:40

It's actually my post that you're referencing where I posted my version of a class originally created by Brocan.

A lot of people have used this class and many people have had problems trying to use it. In every case it has been a problem with their materials or their image files. The image file problems are sneaky though it looks a bit like you have your texture or pass blend mode set to something unintended.