How can you use a higher res coverage map?


07-04-2009 21:37:31

I am currently using a 257x257 height map for my terrain but using a 256x256 coverage map leaves me with sub-par results. I mean that if you want to make a very small splat on the terrain it ends up being a pretty noticeable box because the resolution of the coverage map is so small. I was wondering if there is a way to use a coverage map that differs in size to the height map? When I create a terrain of 257x257 and try to use a splatting manager of 512x512 the system will place the textures skewed from where I press the mouse.

Sometimes I am not the greatest at explaining things so please let me know if clarification is needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ETM: 2.3.1
Ogre: 1.6.1



07-04-2009 22:16:27

You can do that, but you need to convert the edit positions accordingly. If your coverage map is double the size in both dimensions, then simply multiply the edit positions with 0.5.


07-04-2009 22:44:57

You are awesome! Thanks for the help!