[Git] NxOgre is now on GitHub


11-08-2009 12:24:23

NxOgre is on GitHub


My progress of NxOgre can now be found on GitHub. Like all code repositories the code won't be thoroughly tested, so it can be considered unstable; however the advantage is that any corrections to bugs or issues found will be published more quickly.

If you feel that you want to use the latest version then you can download a zip version of the source from GitHub or manually get it from git yourself. If you wish to contribute with bug/fixes or adding minor features - please issues a Git patch and I'll add it in if its suitable.

I will provide some limited support for Git version of NxOgre; but like the other versions there are rules. Please format your topic/post like the following example. The title should be prefixed with "[Git]" and there should be a link to the GitHub commit page of the Git commit version you are working from. Both of these are very important to put in otherwise your post will be deleted or locked.

Title - [Git] Bug with Shapes?
[b]I am using this commit[/b]
Hi Betajaen!

I think there is a problem when using more than one shape with a RigidBody? Can you confirm?
- NxOgre user



12-08-2009 19:55:50

Commit 779a2023c9a4e9b7d5b0f1a9898d13af5c1db04d

Change log
[Added] Compartments
[Fixed] Minor correction to OGRE3DRenderable


24-08-2009 19:01:44

Commit 6c7e255c586957e226b286361ad19d8a2ece2783

Change log
[Removed] Existing particle classes, functions and related functions in other classes.
[Added-Incomplete] Fluid classes
[Added] pointer_representive_cast function
[Changed] PhysXTriggerCallback to PhysXCallback
[Added] ContactPairFlag enum
[Added] setContactCallback/getContactCallback to RigidBody
[Added] Reference counting to Callback
[Added] onHitEvent function to callback
[Fixed] size_t to unsigned int warning in NxOgreArray.h


29-08-2009 23:49:34

Commit 8b032dd34625b7ebda0c343e8f98210e6a8354a5

Change log
[Added] destroyScene function to Scene


02-09-2009 14:18:51

Commit 9bbe9769a5bbff4b535d172a566ff54f9fa39d51

Change log
[Fixed] REALLY Fixed the forums link. I hope.

Github experimenting. No need to upgrade. No code has been changed.


09-09-2009 12:30:47

Commit f5e815f9d60e50dbe2da0b8b78458c976e00d8e0

Change log
Various fixes and additions identified whilst developing BloodyFlour

Commit cb88a74a809db86dc0e21b41b75b71c4f1599dff

Change log

[Rewrite] Rewrite of the RigidBody::create function.
[Changed] Made Shape::assign public
[Added] ResourceSystem::closeArchive
[Added] Helper functions to PhysXPointer


09-09-2009 23:50:16

Commit 52384498e4045e33a560fd39e38072142fa4b9dd

Change log
[Added] Serialisation function for NXS files
[Added] ResourceSystem::getArchiveByName
[Changed] ManualMeshData to MeshData and made public
[Changed] ManualHeightFieldData to HeightFieldData and made public


11-09-2009 18:36:06

Commit 8b75014e2900ec460f323bf44b6b44cfdcfddaa4

Change log
[Removed] Debug printf messages when loading files.
[Changed] More accurate loading functions in NxOgreMeshFunctions.cpp


15-09-2009 21:04:52

Commit 7266a0c14b50c04d1b9446396f54381fc6d52d54

Change log

[Changed] Fixed some size_t to unsigned int warnings
[Changed] Moved ManualMesh cooking functions into MeshData
[Added] String::clear

Commit 1eaa363d5ff2d1ec8e28d9797fdac6036ff75d3c

Change log

Removed BML and added MakeSDK batch file

[Changed] Post-build script to use makesdk.bat batch file
[Added] makesdk batch file
[Changed] Dates in copyright headers and removed SVN line
[Removed] NxOgreKinematicFunctions.cpp/.h
[Removed] NxOgreRigidBodyDynamicFunctions.cpp/.h
[Removed] Bml classes
[Added] Vec2, Vec3, Vec4, Quat, Bounds, Matrix33, Matrix44 classes and Math
functions from BML


This is a special update. Now it'll generate a readme just for you. For the complete instructions just for you, on how to link to that type of NxOgre you just compiled! It'll be your NxOgre/SDK folder.