1. Recommended Mercurial Configuration

OGRE uses Mercurial for source control, this is a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), which means that while there is a central repository which is considered authorative, in fact everyone is able to clone their own copy of the repository and commit to it themselves too, with changes being exchanged by pushing and pulling changesets (commits) between repository clones.

For an introduction to Mercurial, please read the official Mercurial tutorials or Joel Spolsky’s tutorials. However, please note particularly in the case of the latter that the OGRE team’s recommeded approach to using Mercurial differs slightly, with respect to the following cases:

So please keep that in mind. This document will not teach you the basics of using Mercurial since other documents do that already, but we will cover recommended configurations for OGRE and accepted approaches to common issues.

There are some common settings that you should have set in your Mercurial configuration, which can be made globally in ~/.hgrc on Linux and Mac OS X, or C:\Documents and Settings’User'\mercurial.ini on Windows.