OGRE  1.9
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
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Ogre::GLSL Namespace Reference


class  CPreprocessor
 This is a simplistic C/C++-like preprocessor. More...
class  GLSLGpuProgram
 GLSL low level compiled shader object - this class is used to get at the linked program object and provide an interface for GLRenderSystem calls. More...
class  GLSLLinkProgram
 C++ encapsulation of GLSL Program Object. More...
class  GLSLLinkProgramManager
 Ogre assumes that there are separate vertex and fragment programs to deal with but GLSL has one program object that represents the active vertex and fragment shader objects during a rendering state. More...
class  GLSLProgram
 Specialisation of HighLevelGpuProgram to provide support for OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL). More...
class  GLSLProgramFactory
 Factory class for GLSL programs. More...
struct  GLUniformReference
 Structure used to keep track of named uniforms in the linked program object. More...


typedef vector
< GLUniformReference >::type 


String logObjectInfo (const String &msg, const GLhandleARB obj)
 if there is a message in GL info log then post it in the Ogre Log More...
void reportGLSLError (GLenum glErr, const String &ogreMethod, const String &errorTextPrefix, const GLhandleARB obj, const bool forceInfoLog=false, const bool forceException=false)
 Check for GL errors and report them in the Ogre Log. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef GLUniformReferenceList::iterator Ogre::GLSL::GLUniformReferenceIterator

Definition at line 51 of file src/GLSL/include/OgreGLSLLinkProgram.h.

Function Documentation

String Ogre::GLSL::logObjectInfo ( const String &  msg,
const GLhandleARB  obj 

if there is a message in GL info log then post it in the Ogre Log

msgthe info log message string is appended to this string
objthe GL object that is used to retrieve the info log
void Ogre::GLSL::reportGLSLError ( GLenum  glErr,
const String &  ogreMethod,
const String &  errorTextPrefix,
const GLhandleARB  obj,
const bool  forceInfoLog = false,
const bool  forceException = false 

Check for GL errors and report them in the Ogre Log.

forceInfoLogif true then message from GL info log is obtained
forceExceptionif true then exception is generated if a GL error found