Here you can download the source releases for OGRE. These releases require you to build OGRE yourself, but they also allow you to see precisely what’s going on and are therefore highly recommended for more experienced users. You may also want to consider getting the OGRE source from BitBucket (Mercurial repository).

OGRE is dependent on a few third-party libraries and for your convenience we provide precompiled versions of these dependencies for a number of environments. Please make sure you download and install these as well as the source release.

The preferred method however is to copy the dependency repository from BitBucket (find the link be low in the table) and put them into a folder named “Dependencies” into your OGRE source folder. The dependencies will then automatically get picked up by the Ogre CMake build scripts.

Once you have downloaded, if you are new to using OGRE you can find information in the wiki about building OGRE from source, and a series of tutorials.

Last Release (Ogre 1.9)

Will be added as they become packed. In the meantime please grab the source directly from our Ogre 1.9 repository.

Last Release (Ogre 1.8)

Name Date Size Notes
OGRE 1.8.1 Source for Linux / OSX 02 September 2012 88.6MB Unix line endings
OGRE 1.8.1 Source For Windows 02 September 2012 64.0MB Windows line endings. This is a self-extracting archive
Dependencies Source Repository with CMake build system
29 September 2013 26.4MB Suitable for Visual Studio and MinGW and Unix platforms (including OSX)
Precompiled, alternative Dependency Packages Only for your convenience, but not necessarily up-to-date! Use Dependency Source Repository version whenever possible.
Old Microsoft Visual C++ Precompiled Dependencies Package
31 Dec 2010 7.9MB Suitable for VS.Net 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010; see this forum thread for details.
New Microsoft Visual C++ Precompiled Dependencies Packages
Various packages provided by a highly active community member for VS2010 and VS2012
Mac OS X Universal Precompiled Dependencies
25 May 2012 39.5MB
iOS Precompiled Dependencies
24 April 2013 74.5MB Built using iOS 6.0 SDK, suitable for supporting iOS 4.3 or later
Mac OS X Universal libc++ Precompiled Dependencies
10 June 2013 42.3MB Built using libc++
iOS 7.0 libc++ Precompiled Dependencies
15 March 2014 129.7MB Built using iOS 7.0 SDK, suitable for supporting iOS 6.0 or later and using libc++

Previous Releases

Name Date Size Notes
OGRE 1.7.4 Source for Linux / OSX 14 January 2012 67.4MB
OGRE 1.7.4 Source For Windows 14 January 2012 50.0MB This is a self-extracting archive

All Releases