Learning Resources

New to OGRE? Or just wanting to brush up on an area you haven’t encountered before? We have the following resources you will probably be interested in:

The Ogre Tutorials is your primary online source of learning material. There you can find guides on how to get started with Ogre development, examples coving specific components as well as more in depth-topics that help you optimize your rendering.
Written by Gregory Junker, Pro Ogre 3D Programming is the first book dedicated to teaching new users the fundamentals of using OGRE. It starts from the basics of installation and progresses to more advanced topics like shadows, exploring all the major parts of OGRE along the way such as the powerful material management system.
Written by Ilya Grinblat and Alex Peterson, OGRE 3D 1.7 Application Development Cookbook. Very Windows/ MFC focused. See Review by Steve.
Written by Felix Kerger, OGRE 3D 1.7 Beginner’s Guide
wikilogoThe OGRE Wiki a community resource of learning material. There you can find code tutorials, art tutorials, examples, framework suggestions, lists of other projects using OGRE, articles on approaches other users have taken to solve certain problems, and much more.

Reference Material

OGRE ManualThe OGRE Manual covers script formats such as material scripts, font scripts and compositor scripts, and is the primarly place you should go for information on their syntax. It also covers many of the important concepts in OGRE such as buffer management, shaders and shadows. 

OGRE API Reference The complete API reference for all the classes in the core system. Generated from the Doxygen comments embedded in the code, we take pride in ensuring that our API is well documented.