Submit Patch or Bug

Contributions in form of bug fixes and enhancements to OGRE are always very welcome! This page gives you all the needed pointers on how to do so.

How to submit a patch?

The preferred method of contributing to the Ogre3D code base  is by simply forking the official code repository, committing the needed changes in your fork and then creating a pull request back to our official repository. That request can then rather easily be merged by one of our team members.

This approach is much more efficient and less time consuming than the old way of everyone sending patch files around and will therefore speed up the whole process. In rare cases we might accept a contribution provided via the old approach, but we’d really appreciate if everyone could lighten the burden on the team by providing pull requests instead. Thanks a lot!

Note: Please make sure that in your commits you use 4 spaces/blanks instead of tabs and use Unix endings for the code files! Thank you.

How to submit a bug?

Our issue tracker is our central point of contact for everything related to bug tickets, feature requests and contribution handling. So in case you only want to inform us of a bug without any fixed solution in form of a pull request, feel free to open a ticket there. Those tickets can then later also be linked to commits e.g. if you decide to tackle the bug yourself with the approach described above or if anyone else – either from the Ogre3D team or a community member – tackles the ticket.

In order to report a bug you will need to quickly set up an account there, which is a necessary step to ensure that we have some contact information to get back to you in case of further needed clarification regarding tickets you created, as well as preventing hoax tickets. Even if you don’t have anything to report at the moment, setting up an account offers some perks such as the possibility to watch (aka subscribe to) specific tickets that you are interested in and then get notifications once they are updated.


In case of any questions, feel free to ask them in the developer section of our forums or contact the Ogre3D Team.