Download OGRE-next

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OGRE-next (OGRE2) lives in the ogre-next repository.

Build from latest Source:

Stable Release – Ogre 2.2.5 – ‘Cerberus’

OGRE 2.2.5 source6. February 2021
OGRE 2.2.5 MSVC SDK6. February 2021MSVC19, x64, Demos included

Older Stable Releases – Ogre 2.2.x – ‘Cerberus’

OGRE 2.2.4 source20. September 2020
OGRE 2.2.4 MSVC SDK20. September 2020MSVC19, x64, Demos included
OGRE 2.2.3 source5. July 2020
OGRE 2.2.3 MSVC SDK5. July 2020MSVC19, x64, Demos included
OGRE 2.2.2 source11. June 2020
OGRE 2.2.1 source29. April 2020
OGRE 2.2.1 MSVC SDK29. April 2020MSVC19, x64, Demos included

Stable Release – Ogre 2.1.x – ‘Baldur’

OGRE 2.1.1 source31. January 2021
OGRE 2.1.1 MSVC SDK31. January 2021MSVC19, x64

Older Stable Releases – Ogre 2.1 – ‘Baldur’

OGRE 2.1.0 source26. April 2020
OGRE 2.1.0 MSVC SDK26. April 2020MSVC19, x64


Here you can download prebuilt samples/demos so you can take OGRE for a spin. You can also find a lot of other applications made with OGRE, many with freely downloadable demos, via the Showcase and the Showcase Forum.

OGRE-next Official Demos (Windows)Includes the Release SDK package only