Download OGRE-next

Not the version you’re looking for? Perhaps you’re looking for OGRE1

OGRE-next (OGRE2) lives in the ogre-next repository.

Build from latest Source:

Stable Release – Ogre 2.2.2 – ‘Cerberus’

OGRE 2.2.3 source5. July 2020
OGRE 2.2.3 MSVC SDK5. July 2020MSVC19, x64

Older Stable Releases – Ogre 2.2.x – ‘Cerberus’

OGRE 2.2.2 source11. June 2020
OGRE 2.2.1 source29. April 2020
OGRE 2.2.1 MSVC SDK29. April 2020MSVC19, x64

Stable Release – Ogre 2.1 – ‘Baldur’

OGRE 2.1 source26. April 2020
OGRE 2.1.0 MSVC SDK26. April 2020MSVC19, x64


Here you can download prebuilt samples/demos so you can take OGRE for a spin. You can also find a lot of other applications made with OGRE, many with freely downloadable demos, via the Showcase and the Showcase Forum.

OGRE-next Official Demos (Windows)Includes the Release SDK package only