There are several support resources that you will want to consult when you have a problem:

  • Forums – The primary support mechanism as the forums are populated with a large number of experienced users who are always happy to help.
  • Wiki – This is a repository of tutorials and reference knowledge which you should definitely consult if you need a hint.
  • Gitter (ogre) – We have a Gitter channel.
  • Gitter (ogre-next) – We’ve separated the channels in two to provide better support.

Consultancy Services

Usually you can get all the help you need from the above resources, but if for whatever reason you need more one-to-one assistance, consultancy services are available. Please refer to this community-maintained list of contractors and service providers available on the Wiki for those searching for resources on commercial projects.

Additionally, we have a forum section for recruitment opportunities.

Direct contact

In special situations that you prefer to not be discussed in public or when you need to get in touch with the Ogre3D Team directly, please have a look at the contact page.