OGRE itself is a very powerful engine, but it’s just one component in a larger ecosystem. On this page we list some of the best tools and add-ons available for use with OGRE.

VSCodelanguage-ogre-scriptSyntax highlighting for Ogre Scripts. Supports symbol outline and colour picking for .material files.
Blenderblender2ogreExporter to take animated meshes from Blender to Ogre XML. Requires the use of the OgreXMLConverter command line tool to turn XML into a runtime binary mesh.
Viewerogre-meshviewerViewer for .mesh model files as consumed by Ogre
OpenCVovisOpenCV module that wraps Ogre for rendering/ vision interop
EditorscapeTerrain Editor
Editorspacescapetool for creating space skyboxes with stars and nebulas
EditorogitorWYSIWYG scene editing environment for OGRE
3D Studio MaxEasy Ogre Exportersupports 3DS Max 2008-2018 and 3DS Max 9
MayaMaya Ogre3D Exportersupports Maya 2018
ColladaColladaOgreImporterImports Collada files using OpenCollada into ogre