SourceForge LogoI’ve made the current source code available through it’s CVS repository at Sourceforge. I’ve done this rather than provide a single ZIP because I’m going to be updating it regularly, and since I don’t have ADSL just yet it’s easier on the phone line this way. See the downloads page for more info.

I’ve not had time to put all the features back in from my original hack around last year (LOD reduction and procedural textures aren’t back in yet), but there are other new features like automatic use of multitexturing hardware / multipass rendering, new 3D Studio file loading, new hierarchical scene node structures, picture-in-picture views, multiple windows, and an all-round better architecture. Be warned – it is an ALPHA release so expect it to have bugs, and plenty! This is just to let people see how it’s getting on.

Have fun, I will be updating the CVS repository as I go and will make a snapshot source release when I’m ready to do so.