We've just released the final 1.0.0 release of OGRE! You can find details of what has changed in the ChangeLog as per usual.

This is a major milestone for us, and one for which the achievement is
shared among a great many people. Thanks to everyone who helped make
this possible over the years, from your code contributions to your
assistance in the forums, from your clear bug reporting to your eye for
typos in the documentation – 1.0 simply could not have happened without
the help of the great community which has built up around OGRE.

This is the first release for which we're offering precompiled SDK
downloads. This means a self-installing package which doesn't require
you to build OGRE yourself. This will be convenient for many users, but
for experienced developers we do still recommend the source releases,
since they give you more flexibility and debugging information (and
they're a little smaller). Not all the platform / compiler combinations
have SDKs yet, more will be added over the coming days – if you don't
see yours, get the source release instead.

Head over to the Downloads Area now!