{mosimage}We're very pleased to announce the final, official, public release of
OGRE 1.2.0 [Dagon]! Please navigate your way over to the Downloads Page to get your slice of the latest in OGRE technology.

a reminder for those who didn't partake of the release candidates,
Dagon contains a sizeable number of new features, which were discussed
in the original RC1 post. If you are migrating from the previous stable version of OGRE (Azathoth) you should definitely read the porting notes. For those that did use the release candidates, the full detail of this post lists the changes since RC2.

Changes since RC2:

  • Add NV_occlusion_query fallback for cards without ARB_occlusion_query
  • Fix a couple of bugs when combining pose and skeletal animation in a single model
  • Add RTLD_GLOBAL when loading dynamic libs under Linux – solves problems with DRI drivers
  • Compiler2Pass now includes exclusion support for character sets
  • Compositor:
    • Fix knot material when HDR compositor enabled under OpenGL, now looks the same as D3D
    • Gaussian blur compositor added
    • Widen CEGui text widgets in compositor demo to prevent name clipping
    • Fixed
      the initialisation of the central sample offsets for vertical blur,
      caused some artefacts in release mode sometimes in HDR and gaussian blur
  • Code::Blocks:
    • STLPort import libs no longer required.  DLL is linked directly
    • Workaround a problem with STLport which caused filestream problems
    • Project dependencies updated
    • Removed unused defines – not using explicit dll exports for MinGW builds
  • Fixed potential bug in FileSystemArchive::open – Open file stream should check ensure open succeeded
  • Apply original fog settings to auto params even when fog
    override is enabled, since if you want to disable fixed function
    fog but implement fog in the shader you can't do it otherwise
  • Recompile compositor if viewport colour / clear options
    changed since last compiled, necessary for reliably picking up viewport
  • Shadows:
    • Fixed a problem with using custom shadow caster / receiver materials and transparent objects
    • Tweak validation of transparent renderables so that those
      with more than one pass are only rendered once into shadow
      textures and once for a receiver pass
    • Don't
      hard code the avoidance of texture shadows in compositor render queue
      listener, detect reentrancy more generally – allows compositors to be
      used on texture shadows if required
    • Soft shadow example added using gaussian blur compositor on shadow texture
  • GLX:
    • Closing windows and visibility
    • Key repeat issues improved
    • GLX Pointer Warp Fix
    • Mouse Wheel support
  • Clarify assert messages when trying to retrieve invalid software blend data
  • Fixed Direct3D9 FSAA options that didn't refresh until selecting another a video mode
  • Allow access to the internal inverse transforms in case external apps were using the removed _getBindingPoseInverseTransform
  • Fixed memory leak of ManualObject when converted to Mesh
  • Fixed issue of global new([])/delete([]) overridden when compiling in VS2005 with managed C++
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the sizing / resizing of SDL surfaces
  • XSI Exporter now builds successfully against the newer XSI 5.1 SDK
  • Fixed a couple of multithreading issues fixed with shared pointers and resource groups
  • Maya exporters updated to support morph animation and some bugfixes