We’re very pleased to announce that OGRE 1.7.0 (Cthugha) has now been released, this version is now considered to be our stable release branch.

As usual you can find everything on the downloads page, and details of the changes since RC1 after the jump. You might also want to look at the original 1.7.0RC1 release announcement to see the major new features that were added in 1.7.

Source releases and Windows SDKs are up now. Edit: SDKs for OS X,  MinGW, and Ubuntu PPA are now up too.


Changes since 1.7.0 RC1 (highlights only):

  • Fix GPU-extruded stencil shadows on Dx9
  • Allow Terrain to have layers inserted / removed at any point in the stack
  • Fix bug 254: DXTn volume texture size calculation crash
  • Samples tidied up, and some fixes to unloading behaviour in Compositor, Instancing and VolumeTex samples
  • Many fixes to FindOGRE.cmake, now much more reliable and compatible with 1.6 and 1.7. Reference SDKs with OGRE_SDK, or source builds via OGRE_SOURCE and OGRE_BUILD paths.
  • New SDKs for Windows and OS X created
  • Fill in some missed PVRTC rendersystem caps
  • Fix resolving some types in OS X 10.5 SDK
  • Added validateConfigOptions() call in Root::restoreConfig(). Solves a crash when moving cfg file from one machine to another.
  • RTSS: some refactoring and bug fixing
  • Terrain: fixed several bugs
  • GLES rendersystem bugfixes
  • Fix Codec compile when using OGRE_STRING_USE_CUSTOM_MEMORY_ALLOCATOR
  • HashedVector::mListHashDirty was not initialised correctly in a few cases
  • Null shadow textures should not be dynamic since that means after a device lost they lost their contents, and there is no handler to manage this.
  • Prevent excessive logging when texture load failed in ensureloaded/ensurePrepared
  • Windows 64-bit compatibility fixes
  • Fix problems when using logical GPU parameter indexes which end up needing more space than originally thought
  • Fix a problem with .hdr introduced by new FreeImage
  • Fix a bug in ResourceGroupManager::loadResourceGroup when a resource changes group
  • Added a Character sample featuring the Sinbad character model.
  • Add CMake option corresponding to OGRE_PROFILING
  • Fix a large number of problems on Windows with establishing the max size of a window and switching between fullscreen and windowed modes
  • WorkQueue::addRequestHandler and WorkQueue::removeRequestHandler no longer block until existing background requests are processed, leading to better parallelism
  • Fix no grass displayed on ATI cards on GL in grass demo
  • Static build now works including all sample browser plugins
  • Fix RGBA colours in custom GLSL attributes
  • Reduce compiler warnings
  • Lots & lots of other bugfixes and tweaks!