Many of you might already heard of the fantastic game Joost van Dongen released some weeks ago: Proun. We of course have too and it definitely deserve a mention here…

The whole game was created by Joost van Dongen, except for the sound effects and the music production, which were done by Arno Landsbergen on the basis of Joost’s own compositions. In “normal” life he is the lead programmer at Ronimo Games, an indie game developer known for Swords & Soldiers (PS3/Wii/PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad), De Blob (PC) and Awesomenauts (PS3/Xbox360).

A lot of insight information mainly regarding the development history and artistic aspects of his creation, were already spread via his blog, which we highly recommend if you are interested in some details. But here are some additional more technical corner points he kindly shared with us:

  • created in C++ using Visual Studio 2005
  • shaders coded in Cg using Context
  • levels in 3dsmax using a combination of the old Maxscript 3dsmax Ogre exporter and own exporters and plugins
  • textures were created in Photoshop
  • lightmaps were baked using Vray
  • ODE was used for collision detection
  • Irrklang provided the sound foundations
  • highscores are realized with the help of RakNet

The game can directly be purchased via the game’s website on a “pay-what-you-want”-basis.